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Below the episodes are listed in which Gina Appeared.

Season 4

75. The Intruder

gs: Gina Lollobrigida (Francesca Gioberti) Parker Stevenson (Joel McCarthy) Kate Vernon (Lorraine Prescott) Rose Gregorio (Mary Giannini) Bob Seagren (Unknown) Chao-Li Chi (Chao Li) Arthur Taxier (Mike Harris) Susan French (Grandmother Gioberti) Deborah May (Stephanie Hoffman) Geoffrey Lewis (Lucas Crosby) Leigh Lombardi (Ms. Banken) Bill Jelliffe (Unknown) Walter Cox (Unknown) Cesar Angobaldo (Unknown) Alan Buchdahl (Race Track Announcer)

Sheriff Robbins notifies Chase, Maggie and Cole that Sam Giannini has been murdered, apparently during a robbery. Lance uses his new power to exploit Sam's death in The Globe. Maggie starts work writing copy at Richard's new radio station. Stephanie, Richard's ex-wife, comes to town and enlightens her daughter about Richard's past behavior, warning her that he may try to use her too. Gustav offers Mary Giannini his condolences and threatens to kill her if she does not sell her property to him. Chase has obtained a copy of the F.A.A. report and is enraged that someone is lying to frame him. In Italy, after Francesca Gioberti faces disaster at her vineyards, she travels to Falcon Crest, surprising Angela and seeking assistance from her cousins.

b: 09-Nov-1984 pc: 173207 w: Scott Hamner d: Harry Harris

NOTE: Sophia Loren was originally rumored to be considered for the part of Francesca.


76. Pain and Pleasure

gs: Gina Lollobrigida (Francesca Gioberti) Kate Vernon (Lorraine Prescott) Ken Letner (Mr. Spheeris) Chao-Li Chi (Chao Li) Joseph Lambie (Sheriff Dan Robbins) Walker Edmiston (Unknown) Geoffrey Lewis (Lucas Crosby) Damon Martin (Unknown) Jennifer Coe (Young Girl) Greg Collins (Unknown) Bob Taylor (Unknown) Alan Buchdahl (Race Track Announcer)

Angela is horrified when she learns that Francesca has evidence that she is Angela's half-sister and legal heir to one third of Falcon Crest. Angela then uses it to her advantage by making a deal with her to buy Francesca's third in order to control more of Falcon Crest than Chase. At Lucas Crosby's home, Julia tells him she is tired of running and being afraid someone will recognize her. However, when she goes to the police to turn herself in, they do not believe she is really Julia Cumson. Emma helps Chase obtain evidence that Buzz Whitehead was bribed into lying to the F.A.A. investigator, and Senator Silverlake was pressured into suspending Chase's license. Cole revives his love for Melissa, maintaining that they will have an open relationship, but Greg promises to destroy their relationship.

b: 16-Nov-1984 pc: 173208 w: Greg Strangis d: Reza Badiyi

NOTE: Laura Johnson does not appear in this episode.


77. The Trump Card

gs: Gina Lollobrigida (Francesca Gioberti) Parker Stevenson (Joel McCarthy) Kate Vernon (Lorraine Prescott) Ken Letner (Mr. Spheeris) Chao-Li Chi (Chao Li) Warren Stevens (Senator Silverlake) Arthur Taxier (Mike Harris) Geoffrey Lewis (Lucas Crosby) Lesley Woods (Mrs. Miller) Nick Eldredge (Herb Boutelier) Mitchel El-Mahdy (Servant) Debbie Kornblum (Unknown) Suzanne K. Kennedy (Unknown) Alan Buchdahl (Race Track Announcer)

Chase uses Emma's findings and confronts Senator Silverlake in Washington, D.C. with the evidence that he was bribed into faking the F.A.A. reports. Senator Silverlake confesses, absolving Chase of all blame in the crash. Lorraine demands that Lance print a retraction to an article that ties Richard Channing to the criminal underworld. Lance is more interested in seduction than retractions, but Lorraine strives to ignore his advances. Both Richard and Gustav court Francesca in order to get closer to her share of Falcon Crest. However, Angela and Greg persuade her to sign a contract for her share of the vineyards. Private Investigator Mike Harris informs Maggie that her real father was killed in World War II. Melissa tells Greg she cannot see him anymore as it will jeopardize her relationship with Cole, but Greg is persistent in pursuing her.

b: 23-Nov-1984 pc: 173209 w: William Schmidt d: Harry Harris


78. Tarentella

gs: Gina Lollobrigida (Francesca Gioberti) Parker Stevenson (Joel McCarthy) Kate Vernon (Lorraine Prescott) Ken Letner (Mr. Spheeris) Arthur Taxier (Mike Harris) Chao-Li Chi (Chao Li) Geoffrey Lewis (Lucas Crosby) Al Hopson (Locksmith) Alan Buchdahl (Race Track Announcer)

When Chase hears that Jasper's will is being re-opened, he becomes suspicious of Angela's motives and confronts her. Chase discovers that Francesca is selling her third of Falcon Crest to Angela in order to save her vineyards in Italy, but Francesca is confused since Angela told her that Chase would be pleased. Cole decides he loves Melissa enough to move in with her, even against his parents' warning. Richard tries unsuccessfully to keep Lance from seeing Lorraine and warns him not to hurt his stepdaughter. Francesca decides to throw a farewell party before returning to Italy. She performs the tarantella and berates her family for their greed and hatred. Jean-Louis helps Francesca by pilfering her agreement from Angela's safe. During the night, Gustav's henchmen tail Julia, seize her and drive off.

b: 30-Nov-1984 pc: 173210 w: Claire Whitaker d: Reza Badiyi


79. Going Once, Going Twice

gs: Gina Lollobrigida (Francesca Gioberti) Parker Stevenson (Joel McCarthy) Kate Vernon (Lorraine Prescott) Roger Perry (John Costello) Chao-Li Chi (Chao Li) Ken Letner (Mr. Spheeris) John Carter (Max Hartman) Joseph Lambie (Sheriff Dan Robbins) Stephen Johnson (Unknown) Roy London (Dr. Walker) Susan Blanchard (Nurse) Michael Anderson Jr. (Unknown) Mitzi Hoag (Unknown) Marsha Pizzo (Unknown) Lesley Woods (Mrs. Miller) Brad Harris (Deputy Duffy) Steve Jones (Unknown) John Eggold (Unknown) Deborah Downey (Unknown) Alan Buchdahl (Race Track Announcer)

Julia has been taken to Reibmann's estate, where she is confined in what resembles a hospital room. When she comes to, the nurse informs her that Lucas has been arrested for harboring a criminal, and then turns on the TV to a newscast, which covers the arrest of Julia Cumson! How did they find out she was alive? Julia wants to know. Angela found out about her phone calls to Emma, the doctor explains, as Julia becomes hysterical. "How could you do this to me?" Julia cries. Things are working perfectly, Reibmann comments, watching from behind a two-way mirror. He's staged the whole scenario! Meanwhile, Angela has enough troubles of her own-both Francesca and the agreement have disappeared. As if that weren't enough, Chase turns over his notes to the U.S. Attorney's office to bring a case against her for libel, perjury, and whatever else she may have done to frame him with the FAA. Chase, too, is preoccupied with Francesca and her agreement with Angela. Melissa takes advantage to score a few points with the Giobertis. "Why not go into the winery business yourself?" she suggests, offering to sell her harvest for the sake of good family relations. As Terry leaves the Giobertis that evening, Joel again accosts her. This time she's ready for him and pulls a gun from her purse. They struggle and two shots are fired into the air. Joel makes a narrow escape as Richard comes rushing out. Ever since the racetrack opened, the crime rate in the Tuscany Valley has risen dramatically, he observes, resolving to take the matter up with the Board of Supervisors. Meanwhile, everyone is assembled at court. The judge rules in Francesca's favor and orders a redistribution of all Falcon Crest lands. Francesca announces she is leaving for Italy and is prepared to accept sealed bids for her share. When the bids are all collected, the highest offer, naturally, is from Reibmann--$31 million. Francesca has made her decision. She won't sell to either Chase or Angela because in doing so, she would pit one against the other. But she doesn't choose Reibmann, either, since he is a stranger. Then, going over to Channing, she puts her arms around his neck. "Richard, it's all yours!" she tells him. Angela is beside herself. "That is outrageous!" she exclaims. "I won't have it!" "You have no choice, sister," Francesca smiles and exits.

b: 07-Dec-1984 pc: 173211 w: E.F. Wallengren d: Harry Harris


Season 9

207. Charley

gs: Mark Lindsay Chapman (Charley St: James) Susan Sullivan (Maggie Channing) Norman Parker (Julius Karnow) Sal Viscuso (Connor Stewart) Holly Fields (Tami) Robert Hy Gorman (Michael) Ted Markland (Guard # 1) Philip Baker Hall (Ed Meyers) Bob Curtis (Father Bob) Sierra Pecheur (Ms. Deutsch) Elli MacLure (Siobhan) Thom Adcox-Hernandez (Brian) Harvey J. Goldenberg (Martin) Norman Merrill (Barrows) Jesse Stock (Kevin) Maria Hayden (Nanny) Greg Collins (Guard # 1) Carl Ciarfalio (Deputy Sheriff # 1) Allan Graf (Deputy Sheriff # 2) Charles Randolph-Wright (MBA # 2) James Ortega (Ramon) David Trim (MBA # 1) Mary Angela Shea (Reporter # 1) Christopher J. Keane (Reporter # 2) Tom Donaldson (Reporter # 3) Sabino Villa Lobos (Luis)

Emma's old friend Charley arrives just in time for Maggie's funeral. Although Angela disapproves of Charley and changes her vacation plans, Emma stands by Charley despite Angela's interference. Michael Sharpe takes his revenge on Richard for his testimony against him by having Richard's children removed from his custody. Aware that Angela is trying to break up his relationship with Emma, Charley places a pillow over Angela's face and suffocates her.

b: 06-Oct-1989 pc: 445652 w: Alan Moskowitz d: Reza Badiyi

# NOTE: This is Susan Sullivan's last episode. ---- And Mark Lindsay Chapman enters the show playing Charley St: James. He is probably one of the best actors who ever appeared on Falcon Crest. He is so disgusting, that I almost can't stand watching him. That, folks, are excellent acting. Towards the end of the episode, when Angela is in bed reading and Emma comes into say good night there is a photo of Angela (Jane Wyman) and her sister, Francesca Gioberti (Gina Lollobrigida) on the nightstand. The photo is to Angela's left and it is closest to the bed from where it sits on the night stand.

# It should be noted that Susan Sullivan appeared in 207 of the 227 episodes of the series.

# According to TV Guide, the decision to reduce Jane Wyman's appearances on "Falcon Crest" this season was a mutual one between Wyman and the show's producers. To accomplish that, the writers put Angela in coma for most of the season. Executive producer Jerry Thorpe stated, "We wanted to take the show in a new direction while at the same time lightening her load a little."

# It is very stange that Maggie's adult children, Cole and Vicki didn't attend her funeral. Aside from not attending they were not even mentioned at all. Maggie's mother Charlotte is also nowhere to be found. Also where are Maggie's friends? Allison and Amos Fedders would surely have been there. It just didn't make any sense! Maggie's death after all that time should have been a much more involved episode.

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